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We are a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, founded by, and gathering, scientists from a range of fields in research and development. Listed below are some of the areas we promote and seek to achieve.

Intellectual integrity

Science at the very top should empower and reflect in the lowest regions of the social strata. In this regard, we not only translate academic achievement into terms accessible to the civil society, but believe that intellectuals have a particular responsibility in society.

Education, the ultimate equaliser

The key means for a way out of poverty, education access to should be far wider. We assertively seek to fund the most talented and least privileged.

Defence & promotion of science

Not only is the role of scientific principles and critical thinking shrinking in the civil society, but science and intellectuals have come under recent attack by systems of power and government. We are passionate about promoting science and restoring its position in the centre of the democratic engine.

Science & research

We are committed scientist and researchers. Aside from the academic research the core team undertakes (including linguistics and artificial intelligence), we seek to attract and support research in many other areas in the long term.

Critical thinking

Philosophy should be taught to kids. Capacity for critical thought is the most important intellectual skill that we seek to encourage, primarily among the (very) young.

Co-operative enterprising

We incubate co-operative business and start-ups that sustain and integrate communities. Founded on the idea of co-operative enterprising is our hope to contribute to building a more sustainable society.

Intellectual ecology & cultivation

Talent, intelligence and capacity for excellence is equally distributed in the population: geographically, ethnically and socially. We seek to give the talented and the excellent means for succeeding. We do this through funding and establishing an infrastructure that supports our scholars. We also promote the multidimensionality of intelligence and oppose intellectual mining of the archaic and conformist educational systems.

Toward a constructive dialectic

In light of global political uncertainty and the curtailing of civil rights, we seek to establish means of civil actions that centre around collective prosperity enabled by an uncompromising access to democracy.

Language incubation

We help preserve endangered and minority languages through documentation, production and dissemination of language materials in the communities.

Linguistic & legal infrastructure

There are very many caught in the war zones that could have their cases heard if they had access to elementary legal & linguistic infrastructure. We seek to assist such people by helping them with their cases, including translation services and legal networking.


The core team

Moreno Mitrović

Executive director & Co-founder

Nicolas Fiorini


Arif Naveed



Universities must contribute to fighting inequality

There is substantial evidence indicating how mass expansion of higher education widens socio-economic inequalities, benefiting those who are already privileged, at least in the short term. A vivid example in the developing world is Pakistan, where expansion of higher education is likely to exacerbate social and economic inequalities in an unprecedented way as university ivory…

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